much more than outdoor advertising

We are experts in comprehensive outdoor advertising solutions

We have the most complete park of digital screens, large formats and sextuples. In addition, we develop advertising architecture works ranging from the simplest signage to large-scale projects.

We propose integral in outdoor advertising solutions: digital screens, large formats, sextuples and development of special projects. We seek to be at the forefront of technological innovation, that’s why we were pioneers in the commercialization of our OOH advertising media in a programmatic way. We offer out of home advertising throughout the national territory, Uruguay and Brazil. In addition, we have a business unit, Atacama Ferial, dedicated to the generation of stands and spaces for fairs and exhibitions.

And as we love technology, we launched our LATAM OOH Platform in which, in a simple and intuitive way, you can plan your out of home advertising campaign throughout the national territory, Uruguay and Brazil.
Eso si, somos conscientes de que nuestros crecimiento y desarrollo no puede permanecer ajeno al entorno social.
We are aware that our growth and development can not remain alien to the social environment. That is why we assume a commitment to education, helping in the training of future professionals in the advertising industry. In addition, we participate in different activities of solidarity and social character. For all this, our motto fills us with pride and we strive day to day to fill it with content: Atacama, much more than outdoor advertising.


This support is ideal for advertising out of home. Its benefits are many and they have made it a highly disruptive element: it allows the implementation of campaigns in an agile and remote way, enables animations and video, generating impact on the audience and can be contracted in a programmatic way.


Atacama Ferial is a company dedicated to design custom projects, services in advertising architecture, stand, events and infrastructure for fairs and exhibitions. We cover the entire country with our developments. With an experience of 30 years in the activity, we build ideas.
Con una experiencia de 30 años en la actividad, construimos ideas.


Our offer of out of home advertising consists of spectacular posters, billboards and sextuples. We select each location thinking about the communication objectives of the brands. We place special emphasis on service, that is why we are chosen by the main companies in the country.


This is the simplest way to create a public media plan. You will find all our (digital screens, large formats, sextuple) in a simple and intuitive way. You will be able to filter according to your geographical location or type of support. You can download the media plan you made or save a list of your favorites.